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Training the Unemployed and the Underemployed

Cross-posted from The Herald-Times, June 26, 2020 Currently, the United States has 1 million unfilled computer programming positions. Average annual salaries in this field pay two to three times the living wage in Bloomington. These two facts combine to offer a tremendous opportunity to lift ourselves out of this economic recession by retraining folks for […]

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Like a Glove Podcast, Episode 12: Something That Matters, with Josh Owens (Part 2)

You can have all of those policies. You can have all of those ideas. And people do want them and they respect them. And that matters. . . . But what they really want is to be inspired by what they’re living in. They want to know that there’s a future that is exciting […]

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Like a Glove Podcast, Episode 11: It’s Not Supposed to Work, with Josh Owens (Part 1)

There’s so much competition out there, it’s so difficult, that really you’re playing with a losing hand already. So when you find something that actually takes hold, when you’re able to find that product-market fit or that set of customers that are really passionate or you’re solving a problem that is really needed within a marketplace, you almost have a responsibility to just run after it as fast as you can. […]

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