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Like a Glove Podcast, Episode 10: A Listening Exercise with Jane Kupersmith

You’re not just listening to your customers, you have to have enough ego at play to say, like, “I feel really confident about this thing I’m trying to do, and I know that you will like this. And here it is.” But conversely, … You have to really be able to set that ego, the same ego that drove you to do this in the first place, you have to set it down and be like, “Okay, I was definitely wrong in this regard,” and, “Oh, we seem to be on target over here.” […]

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Like a Glove Podcast, Episode 9: People/Product/Time/Place with Connor Hitchcock

For us, it was people within their Twitter community who are gatekeepers saying, “This is a great product.” The people who understand what resonates with that fan base saying, “This is great.” They get it.
So that was an indicator for us that we had hit the people and product, and now time and place was to follow. […]

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Like a Glove Podcast, Episode 8: Problem-Product Fit with Ellie Symes

You don’t get product-market fit without starting with really understanding the problems–understanding not just, “Is it a problem?” but, “Is it a problem they are focused on solving today?” We call it product-market fit, but it really should be problem-product fit. […]

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