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[June 2018] Level Up: Startup Software with Kevin Weaver, Cedric Savarese, and Mike Trotzke

What kind of software helps local startups succeed? We spoke with Mike Trotzke, CEO of Cheddar; Kevin Weaver, Executive Creative Director and Owner of Blueline; and Cedric Savarese, Founder and CEO of FormAssembly about the software they use in their companies in order to function smoothly on a daily basis. Pat East, Founder & CEO […]

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Dimension Mill Forges Partnership with Cowork Btown in Preparation for October Launch

June 27, 2018 Bloomington, Ind. – As Bloomington’s Trades District comes into focus, the historic Dimension Mill is reinforcing its identity as the project’s anchor with valuable partnerships and exciting physical developments. The historic building that will serve as the centerpiece of Bloomington’s Trades District and Certified Tech Park is currently undergoing adaptive reuse as […]

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Part II: Doug Dayhoff | Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Bloomington

In a two-part blog post, we are highlighting the work and wisdom of local entrepreneur and innovator Doug Dayhoff, former President of Upland Brewing Co. In an interview with our Xtern, Anna Carpenter, Doug reflects on his successful business career thus far and discusses some of the highs and lows that he has encountered in […]

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