Sparking Innovation

A lot of exciting collaboration happens at The Mill, not only because of our members’ networks, but also because we’ve engineered our space and programming to intentionally make connections happen. People literally and figuratively run into each other. And the more they exchange ideas, the more sparks of innovation fly. Join us and see for yourself!

In addition to the featured programs that follow, The Mill is proud to collaborate on many other initiatives and events with partners such as the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), the Gayle & Bill Cook Center for Entrepreneurship at Ivy Tech, the IU Walter Center for Career Achievement, and the Indiana chapter of the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum.

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Startup Weekend

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Once in spring, and once in fall, The Mill hosts a weekend of activities geared to the startup community. Connect with great people, get inspired, and innovate at Startup Weekend!

Mill Week

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Every October, we host Mill Week: a packed week of events on innovation and entrepreneurship that includes speakers, presentations, panels, and meetups morning, noon, and night at The Mill. Subscribe to our events newsletter to stay in the loop on the next Mill Week!

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Peer Advice & Mentoring

Peer mentoring and advice happens organically at The Mill, and also by design. The Leather Apron Club (named after Ben Franklin’s mutual aid society) brings peers together in a structured way to provide each other with  essential feedback, perspective, and business coaching.

Interested in joining a peer mentoring group? Drop us a line!



Cy Megnin headshot

“I meet the entrepreneur wherever they are, whether they need help with their pitch deck, the pitch itself, hooking them up with resources or my network, whatever the case may be.”—Cy Megnin

One of The Mill’s most powerful assets for startups is our Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR), Cy Megnin. Cy comes to us through Velocities, our partnership with venture capital firm Elevate Ventures, the City of Bloomington, and the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. Cy is a full-time mentor to entrepreneurs across the region served by Velocities, with an office here at The Mill in Bloomington. He helps them build their companies, figure out marketing, how to sell, how to interact with customers, and more.

Flyover Podcast Festival

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Podcasting has become an important way that startups, independents, and entrepreneurs explore creative ideas to build community, raise visibility, and hook new business. The Mill is the home of the awesome Shine Insurance Podcasting Studio, where our members produce some terrific podcasts on everything from how technology is changing the music industry to the legendary world of Tékumel.

To celebrate our strengths, we created The Flyover Podcast Festival, where the Midwest podcast scene connects and thrives. Experienced and aspiring podcasters alike enjoy a jam-packed day of creative, technical, and business-savvy podcasting innovation at The Mill. Join the movement as we transform our “flyover” states into the crossroads of all things podcasting! Subscribe to updates on our next festival, and check out the great podcasts produced at The Mill by our members.