Intern Summer Camp

The Mill has created programing for all of Bloomington’s summer interns.

The purpose of the programming is to build a talent pipeline. We focus on professional development, civic engagement, and city immersion. We want to ensure that students get to know our great startup community so they consider working here after graduation.


We host periodic coffees with a Bloomington-based CEO and weekly “family dinners” so they get to know each other and bond, a critical component for retention.

Here are some of the types of events we’ve held for participants in the past:

  • Weekly “Family Dinners” with other participating interns
  • Special events and lunches with Bloomington-based CEOs and founders
  • Community service projects with the city of Bloomington and charitable organizations
  • And more

Programming for Summer Camp runs from early June to early August.


Get Involved

If you’re interested, please email no later than Wednesday, June 6 2018.

The cost to participate is $150 for each of first two interns from a single company and $100 for each additional intern.

Our first event of 2017 was Bloomington’s second annual Intern Summer Camp Kick-off at Cardinal Spirits!
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