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Hardcore developer who needs a quiet space to work? Freelancer looking to have a workspace outside your home? Have a company that fits in your backpack? Work from Bloomington, but travel frequently? Want to take your business to the next level? We’ve got you covered with our flexible membership plans.

All leases are month-to-month and billed on the first of every month. Staff members will be available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Membership Pricing



Part Time Hot Desk ($90/month)

Includes: Daytime Access (8 AM – 5 PM Monday – Friday; except holidays) invites to member events and our Dimension Mill Slack Team; ability to book call rooms and conference rooms.

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Full-Time Hot Desk ($185/month)

Includes: 24/7/365 access; a locker; invites to member events and our Dimension Mill Slack team; ability to book call rooms and conference rooms.

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Dedicated Desk ($300/month)

Includes: 24/7/365 access; a locker, desk, and chair to call your own; invites to member events and our Dimension Mill Slack team; and ability to book call rooms and conference rooms. This membership includes Proximity Guest Pass giving you free access, up to three days per month, at any space in the world-wide Proximity Network.

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Private Office Spaces

Our private offices are available to groups and small companies can access at any time. Below are the square footage options for private offices. All office space is on a month-to-month basis. Access is 24/7/365 with your own key card.


  • 112 sq. ft. (rooms 205A, 205B)
  • 123 sq. ft. (room 211)
  • 218 sq. ft. (room 206)


  • 124 sq. ft. (rooms 217, 218)
  • 296 sq. ft. (rooms 208, 209, 210)
  • 357 sq. ft. (rooms 229, 230)
  • 463 sq. ft. (room 222)
  • 628 sq. ft. (rooms 220, 221)

Tri-Office (suite of three private offices + hallway + storage)

  • 651 sq. ft. (rooms 213, 214, 215, plus hallway and storage space)

Click here for a PDF of The Mill’s floor plan.

All our private offices are currently occupied. However, we will be able to add you to our waitlist if you complete the form below. Please complete the form below. Submission does not commit you to a lease. It simply ensures you’ll be contacted once your desired space is available.


Fast Internet

All internet traffic through The Mill is a continuous, redundant fiber-optic network connection with speeds of 1 Gigabit Upload/Download via an Ethernet connection and through secured wireless connectivity provided throughout the building.

Conference Rooms

We have a variety of conference rooms available for meetings of all sizes. You can reserve your conference room for your event here.


Our facility supplies a full-sized kitchenette with a community fridge, espresso machine, microwave and a stove. Daily fruit-infused water is provided, as well as micro-roasted coffee from Hopscotch Coffee.

Podcasting and Video Studio

Our facility also supports a podcasting and video studio with appropriately soundproofed walls, mic stands, and an appropriate workspace for your podcasting or video production setup. It’s the perfect space to record, produce, and create video and audio content.

Dedicated Desks

These private offices allow you to focus. They are spaces rented month-to-month by members and are accessible by members 24/7 via  key fob.

Coworking Space

This open Coworking space is not only dedicated to getting your work done, but is also a community space for spontaneous interaction and more. You’ll encounter most of our coworking members in this area on any given day of the week. 

Office Amenities

Printing and other typical office supplies are also freely available to members. We also have private standup phone booths where you can take quick, private phone calls, and cleaning services.


The Mill isn’t just for professionals, remote workers and innovators. It’s also a place for students and teachers passionate about innovation and technology.