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Mill Week

Leading up to The Mill’s Launch on November 15, we hosted a unique slate of events known as Mill Week.

Ignite Bloomington 19

We kicked off Mill week with Ignite Bloomington 19, presented by Humanetrix! Ignite is an event where presenters can make five minute presentations on any topic that they choose. The topics ranged from robotics, to neighborhoods, to Bloomington’s burgeoning Esports scene!

Sunday 11/11

Code + Coffee

Code + Coffee was held the following Monday Morning. Code + Coffee is a monthly event held at The Mill.


Future 101

Future 101 - Cryptocurrency with Adam Terwilliger at Dimension Mill - 11.12.2018 - by Benedict Jones-20

Our inaugural new event, Future 101, featured Bloomington’s own Adam Terwillinger speaking about the basics of cryptocurrency.

Level Up| Creating a More Welcoming Workplace


Our inaugural Level Up at The Mill featured an all-woman panel discussing how to build community and create a more welcoming workplace culture, and how everyone can contribute to a workplace culture that values and respects everyone.

Design + Donuts


Free Lunch + (un)Networking = COLLIDE

COLLIDE (un)Networking - 11.13.2018 - by Benedict Jones-26

We held our monthly (un)networking event, COLLIDE, at The Mill with over 60 guests in attendance, one of the largest COLLIDE’s that we’ve ever had!

Science on Tap Gets Tough on Climate Change

Science On Tap Gets Tough On Climate Change - 11.13.2018 - by Benedict Jones-34

Wednesday 11/14


Marketing + Muffins


Food for Thought | Let’s Talk About Stress, Baby


ITIA Callout Meeting


Books @ The Mill | An Evening with Scott Russell Sanders


November 15, 2018 Launch Party

Mill Week culminated with our Launch Party on November 15th @ 5:30 PM!

A full slate of events, speakers, and entertainment featuring major Bloomington Community members are scheduled to be there!

Celebrate with us and get a chance to tour our new facility, and get to know the people, businesses and organizations that have made The Mill and this event possible!

A huge thanks to our sponsors who made this event possible!

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