The Shine Insurance Podcasting Studio

The Shine Insurance Podcasting Studio is an impressive amenity available to members of The Mill coworking space. Our podcasting studio is acoustically treated for a soundproof recording environment, professional-grade microphones, and recording software. Trainings on how to use the studio’s professional-grade equipment are offered to members on a regular basis to help make your podcasting idea a reality.


“For people thinking about starting a podcast or preparing to do so, the Shine Studio is an amazing resource because it features an acoustically treated room, top-quality microphones, easy-to-use recording and editing software, and is generally a very comfortable and attractive space.”
—Jeremy Shere, The Mill member & podcaster


The Equipment
In addition to in-house training resources, The Shine Studio offers an array of professional-grade equipment to enable our members in their podcasting efforts. The studio includes:

  • 3 Shure SM7b dynamic microphones driven by a Presonus AR12 Mixer
  • Hindenburg Professional DAW multitrack records and edits on a 2TB 16gb MAC Mini
  • 32” Samsung monitor

The podcasting studio alone is reason enough to come to The Mill. For many, it’s a unique resource to take advantage of, in addition to our inspiring coworking space. Come check it out! Sign up for a free guided tour and see our podcasting studio and coworking community.

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Podcasts at The Mill

Dozens of podcasts are produced in The Mill’s podcasting studio, and many new podcasters are inspired to join in on the podcasting fun!

Below are a few of the podcasts produced in The Shine Insurance Podcasting Studio at The Mill. Check them out and check in often – new episodes are posted regularly!


Flashback to Never podcast

Flashback to Never

Hosted by: David Allen & Brian Johnson


Mindfulness and Power podcast

“Mindfulness & Power”

Hosted by: Gregory Burdulis


Lunch at The Mill podcast

Lunch @ The Mill

Hosted by: Pete Yonkman


Music Tectonics podcast

Music Tectonics

Hosted by: Dmitri Vietze


New Home Buyers Guide podcast

New Home Buyers Guide

Hosted by: Jeremy Goodrich


Scratch Entrepreneur podcast

Scratch Entrepreneur

Hosted by: Jeremy Goodrich


The Tekumel podcast

Tekumel Podcast

Hosted by: Scott Kellogg



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About Shine Insurance

Shine Insurance


Thank you to our podcast studio sponsor! This incredible studio is made possible by Shine Insurance.

Stop stressing over insurance and check out Shine Insurance for all your insurance needs.