A Place to Grow

Dimension Mill Opening Party - Speakers, Audience, Demo's, & DJ - 11-15-2018 - by Benedict Jones & Sabra Binder-128

As a people-centered organization, we know that investing in people is critical to our mission. If our goal is to transform Bloomington’s economy for the 21st century, that isn’t possible without people. We know that the most important factor for The Mill’s present and future success lies in human capital. Our city already has incredible models for growth, and incredible resources, and The Mill is dedicated to bringing in every aspect of our community. Bloomington has a vibrant coworking community.

We’re dedicated to preparing not just tomorrow’s workforce with programs like South Bend Code School, Interns Summer Camp, and our TechPoint XTern Partnership, but serving our current workforce with unique opportunities like the REBOOT Fellowship. We’re also dedicated to focusing on companies and individuals that are moving our city forward through the annual FUSE Business Innovation Awards and Best Places to Work Bloomington.